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R. C. Smith

The Journey

Warning: this book may be considered pornographic, and includes scenes of sexual violence. Do not download it, if its content might disturb or offend you.

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Like all the non-copyrighted books in the Library you can download and keep this book for free.

It’s price of 4.04 (whichever currency you prefer, euros are suggested) you may pay before you download it, after you have read it, or not at all. To pay, send that amount to the Librarian’s PayPal account,

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Librarian’s Note

Different from the other books at the Library so far, this is a book by a contemporary author. After a short hesitation, I have accepted it for publication. Apart from the sex (which, though, is an important part of the plot), this is a well-written, if rather gory, adventure story with a surprising twist. And on a deeper level, for those readers who care to follow the author there, this is a book about love and sacrifice that raises complex questions of moral, political, philosophical and even theological nature.

Not for the faint-hearted, and not for those who seek light entertainment, Smith has forged together the genres of fairy tale, adventure story and snuff porn into a disturbing, unusual and compelling tale.

About the Book

Obeying an ancient tradition, three people undertake a long and perilous journey – The Journey – that takes them from the northern reaches of the Queendom to the Queen’s capital on its southern shore.

Sir Edmond, the Envoy, former war hero and now diplomat, sets out to serve his country and his Queen.

Abigail, the Artist, a gifted young sculptress with a passion for torture and pain, hopes to find fame beyond the narrow confines of her remote native province.

And a young village girl with nothing but her dreams, suddenly finding herself to be the Gift, the personification of an ancient legend, knows that she faces an ordeal of suffering, sexual abuse, and gruesome public death.

The Journey is a challenge to all three, leaving none of them unchanged. While they push on towards their destination, through mounting hardship and dangers, they can not possibly be aware of their destinies ...



About the Author

R. C. Smith (an assumed name) is a native and resident of Austria.

The Journey is the author’s first and so far only novel. For free stories, short stories and vignettes, see the author’s website


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